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The RPTC has been designed to provide radiotherapy for tumors in any part of the body. Comprehensive technical facilities allow the RPTC to deliver all services associated with radiation at the Center, including diagnostics, tumor targeting, preparation of the radiotherapy protocol and tumor staging, and follow-up examinations if required. The RPTC is the first large proton therapy center in Europe to offer a complete hospital setting and comprehensive therapeutic options.
In addition, with the clinical start-up of the RPTC on March 16, 2009 the CHIRURGISCHES KLINIKUM MÜNCHEN SÜD affiliated with the RPTC has been admitted for radiation therapy to the hospital plan of the State of Bavaria. This makes it the first clinic in Germany that is also state-licensed for proton radiation treatment of patients with statutory health insurance.

Overview of the technical facilities at the Center:

  • Two multidetector spiral whole-body CT scanners, one in combination with a positron emission tomograph (PET-CT).

  • Two 1.5 tesla whole-body MRI systems.

  • Equipment for angiography, sonography, endoscopy, and laboratory investigations into interference from screening and cytostatic agents.

  • Anesthesia facilities with monitors and a recovery room (for children and radiotherapy treatment for lung cancer).

  • Large workstation/server cluster for therapy planning and individual medical definition of radiation dosages/protocols. Therapy planning can also be carried out remotely using data networks with CT and MRI support.

  • Four gantries (radiation targeting units) equipped with patient couches. These units have sufficient freedom to irradiate tumors anywhere in the body, including those inside the skull (brain tumors) from any direction.

  • A fixed-beam system for dedicated precision irradiation of tumors involving the eye, brain and face is being developed.   


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Your first point of contact is the patient hotline (tel.: +49 (0)89 660 680). This is where you can request preliminary information as well as brochures and registration documents.  

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