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About us


The RPTC, located in Munich, is the first fully certified European proton radiation center which provides a complete hospital setting for the treatment of cancer tumors.

Our innovative therapeutic procedure involves the use of high-energy proton beams for the treatment of cancer. A key characteristic of these proton beams is that protons facilitate the three-dimensional targeting of tumours; this capability is not available with the x-rays used in conventional radiation therapy. Therefore, highly effective dosages can be delivered to the tumour while the side effects of radiation are reduced by minimizing any trauma to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Questions? +49 (0)89 660 680

Clinical Experience at the RPTC

Clinical Experience at the RPTC

The RPTC began treating patients in March 2009.

  • Although clinical services are still in their infancy, more than 470 treatments have already been performed in our first eighteen months. To date, 77 different cancer types and localizations have been treated.

  • Patients from more than 33 have received treatment at the RPTC.
    (Where Our Patients Are From)

  • Of these, 65% were patients with German medical insurance from statutory heath insurance funds that signed contracts with us or had approved individual cases. To date, the other 35% have been privately insured or foreign patients.
    Health insurance plans that cover proton therapy

  • The largest irradiated tumor was 3.8 liters in size. Our youngest patient was 2 years old, while the oldest was 88.

From the very beginning, the RPTC has irradiated tumors of the lungs, liver, and upper abdomen in short apnea, allowing us to achieve outstanding results in combination with our high-precision scanning system. Our high expectations with regard to proton therapy tolerance and radiation tolerance have been completely fulfilled.

Tumors treated to date at the RPTC

A list of all tumors treated to date at the RPTC can be found here.

For more detailed information, please see our Progress Reports.

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