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+49 (0) 800/ 660 68 00

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Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm


Franz-von-Rinecker Straße (main entrance)

Schäftlarnstraße 133 (postal address)

81371 München

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About us


The RPTC, located in Munich, is the first fully certified European proton radiation center which provides a complete hospital setting for the treatment of cancer tumors.

Our innovative therapeutic procedure involves the use of high-energy proton beams for the treatment of cancer. A key characteristic of these proton beams is that protons facilitate the three-dimensional targeting of tumours; this capability is not available with the x-rays used in conventional radiation therapy. Therefore, highly effective dosages can be delivered to the tumour while the side effects of radiation are reduced by minimizing any trauma to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Questions? +49 (0)89 660 680


Once the therapy decision has been made (and reviewed if necessary), the radiation target area has been defined, and all the necessary preparations have been made, the actual treatment can begin..
As a patient, you may be pleasantly surprised. The most demanding procedures are already behind you, and the actual radiation treatment is much simpler and takes much less time. However, several radiotherapy sessions are generally necessary, usually one session a day. While proton therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis, it always requires a certain period of time. How long a period depends on the size and type of the tumor.

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