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About us


The RPTC, located in Munich, is the first fully certified European proton radiation center which provides a complete hospital setting for the treatment of cancer tumors.

Our innovative therapeutic procedure involves the use of high-energy proton beams for the treatment of cancer. A key characteristic of these proton beams is that protons facilitate the three-dimensional targeting of tumours; this capability is not available with the x-rays used in conventional radiation therapy. Therefore, highly effective dosages can be delivered to the tumour while the side effects of radiation are reduced by minimizing any trauma to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Questions? +49 (0)89 660 680

Radiation plus surgery

Radiation plus surgery

Radiotherapy may be carried out before or after a surgical procedure depending on the ultimate goal:

  • Pre-op radiation (before surgery) is intended to achieve a geometric reduction in tumor size. It may also be used to damage a tumor so that it cannot shed metastasizing cells when it undergoes significant manipulation during surgery.

  • Post-op radiation (after the operation) is used if the surgeon is unable to access lymph drainage areas that may harbor tumor cells, such as the intestinal tract, which is flexible and mobile. Radiotherapy can provide targeted support after such surgeries, usually within eight to ten days post-op. This gives the patient time to recover and regain mobility.

Both treatments are carefully coordinated with the Thoracic and Abdominal Surgery Department at the neighboring Chirurgisches Klinikums München Süd. If you had surgery at another hospital and are coming to the RPTC for post-operative radiotherapy, please make an advance appointment with RPTC so that we can coordinate your transfer from the surgery unit. The Center has a dedicated entrance and reception area for bedridden patients. If you need to stay for an extended period and the Guest House does not meet your needs, the hospitals near the Center have inpatient beds available.

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